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Monty is an American comic strip created, written and illustrated by cartoonist Jim Meddick. The comic strip began as Robotman in

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Monty is an American comic strip fabricated, written and illustrated by cartoonist Jim Meddick. The hilarious strip began as Robotman in In the s, Robotman instead began living with a geeky inventor named Monty, introduced in the January 20, strip.

Robotman pink the strip in to find nuts on the planet Diskelion, and was replaced in the strip by room alien Mr. Robotman originated as a character created after United Feature The same as as an venture at cross-marketing toys, videos, and other merchandise. As the strip progressed the design of Robotman changed considerably as Meddick's style evolved.

During contract negotiations, the syndicate approached Meddick with a request to trade the name of the strip to Monty and to deemphasize and kill the Robotman suitable from the strip down to nothing. Robotman was calibrate phased out of the strip auspices of a farewell storyline, and the series continued as Monty in April


Monty spoofs suburbia, trashes tacky TV shows and offers absurdist commentary on whole enchilada from hosing vagabond spider monkeys to the latest foul play theory. In my cartoon, just close by anything can take place - this advancing, the ideas and characters always remain fresh.

Jim Meddick is the father of the hilarious strip Monty. The comic spoofs suburbia, trashes tacky TV shows and offers absurdist commentary on everything from hosing down spider monkeys to the latest conspiracy theory. Information Meddick originally dreamed of becoming a scientist until his mother pulled him aside and explained that scientists consistently were good at math. From again on he focused on plan B: His first sample of fame came in high instil, when his comics ran in the school paper, and he continued creating strips for his college paper at Washington University in St.

After graduating, Meddick worked as a Newspaper Guts Association political cartoonist until the set afloat of his clever strip, Robotman Spelled out, in The feature evolved from a sentimental depiction of a stripling and his nuzzle robot into its current form as Monty.

Meddick lives in New England with his woman and son a Garfield fan.

Meet the Cast of Monty

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Monty cartoon strip

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Monty (formerly Robotman and then Robotman and Monty) is a comic strip by Jim Meddick that was started in and is still running to this day. In the . Monty by Jim...