Shaved or unshaved penis - Do girls like guys with shaved penis or unshaven penis...?

T he revelations in a new American report on pubic grooming just keep on coming. Evict it, extract it, uproot it, remove it. Perhaps you too keep a pube-free...

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Do you mean pubes?

Otherwise it would seem like I was molesting a child! It's an acceptable default. Do you mean pubes? Either trimmed or completely shaved. Swedish model gets rape threats after ad shows her unshaved legs. Shave it and keep it smooth - stubbles hurt and pubic hair in the mouth is nasty..

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This forum is supported by: Follow 12 To be honest, just leaving it be is fine. Why would she want hair in her mouth? Original post by iNFL8r cutting your sack is one of the most painful things ever dude, not worth the risk. What Girls Said 4.

Related Questions Do men prefer women natural or shaved. It looks nice to women. Start new discussion Reply. In my experience, when guys trim they do a bad job and it looks worse than it did before. Undergraduate Full time Part time. Should i talk to a doctor? I see that a lot of people mention "trimmed".

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Shaved or unshaved penis

Posted on by JCplusOA

why would you shave the penis itself?!?!? shave your pubes that are around it, or even just trim every now and then. there's the odd girl who likes the bush but. 4 Twentysomething Men...