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My Aussie and I have been together for 5 years now. So, ya, a long long time. Nothing bad, but...

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Almost 10 years ago, racial violence broke out in the usually tranquil beach suburb of Cronulla, with attacks directed towards those of Middle Eastern appearance on Dec. It would be later dubbed as the Cronulla Riots. The riots were spurred by a long run of racial and ethnic tensions between caucasian Australians and young men reported to be of Middle Eastern background from Sydney's western suburbs.

Court ruling could make Uber illegal in Australian state. Tensions hit a flashpoint when two off-duty surf lifesavers were reportedly the victims of an assault following a verbal altercation between the two groups the Sunday before the riots on Dec. Multiple sources told GQ Magazine the altercation was not as violent as initially reported, but the story of an Australian icon — the humble lifesaver — being bashed became the catalyst for the riots.

In the week after the attack on the lifesavers, more than , text messages were circulated to incite a "racially motivated confrontation" the following Sunday, according to NSW Police. Chinks bashing day is on the 27th and the Jews are booked in for early January. Must be at North Cronulla Park. These skippy aussies want war.

  • Cronulla Riots: What happened on one of Australia's darkest days
  • When Andrew Marcus, the year-old CEO and founder of “While anything goes in dating, dating from LinkedIn can be a...
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Texts call for violence

The absolute best news? He did really bloody well for himself on all fronts. Oh, and we call thongs, flip flops. Someone explain the appeal, please! Smells horrible and tastes horrible. Some old shitty dude that's probably dead now once told me to get a haircut or I'd never amount to anything and I was like 'get nicked ya old dog I'll be king of the world' and now I'm off contract and 30 so I guess he was right and it's terrifying but I stress to all dudes and gals with banged up mis-shapen weird heads — "never cut your hair because atm goth babes are really into it and that's what's important in life.

Fuuuuck guys, were these the best team to form in the BB House, ever?

Prior to Chemsex , film and TV auteur Andrew Haigh looked closest to capturing this gay demographic, directing a debut documentary in about a male prostitute fuelled by ketamine, Greek Pete. Speaking of accents, anything he says always sounds better. Travis seems to be gunning for a travel influencer vibe, if his Insta account is anything to go by. Police were on high alert following the riots, with calls for reprisal attacks circulated via text message. The absolute best news?

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