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There are myriad methods to choose from when it comes to hair removal—some more costly, some more complicated, some more painful, some longer-lasting than the next....

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Suffer from embarrassing facial hair? Facial waxing will help you face the world with confidence once again. Here are a few simple tips to make facial waxing effective. Many women suffer from facial hair. A genetic condition, called hirsutism, it can be a cause for embarrassment. Signs of hirsutism include fine or sometimes severe hair on the upper lip, a few straggly hairs on the chin, sideburns and fuzz on the forehead. For some women bleaching is an option, but waxing for women is perhaps the best and the fastest way to enjoy a hair-free face for several weeks at a time.

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How to Wax Your Face (with Pictures) - wikiHow

This particular article was reviewed by Laura Martin Licensed Cosmetologist. You may want to avoid waxing off too much of your eyebrows or shaping them using the wax. If your pain threshold is low, you could take a painkiller about half an hour before waxing. Wait until your hair grows out and is long enough to wax off. Take pain medication If your pain threshold is low, you could take a painkiller about half an hour before waxing.

Either way, here are 10 tips that will make the entire process of facial hair removal for women less painful and more effective.

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10 Tips For Facial Hair Removal By Waxing | RewardMe

The stockjobber is the expert you should should lean on.

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Facial wax technique

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Facial wax will be more gentle on your skin than body wax, as the skin on your to your skin the same way that wax is and...