Ciudad acuña mexico - 13 dead after tornado strikes border city in Mexico

Any advice would be appreciated! Oh, good lord, yes. Just returned from three days in Acuna and one in Pietras Negras to the south.

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  • Ciudad Acuña, also known simply as Acuña is a city located in the Mexican state of Coahuila, at...
  • Just returned from three days in Acuna and one in Pietras Negras to the south. Don't know...
  • Is traveling to Acuña safe as of ? - Ciudad Acuna...
  • Ciudad Acuña, formerly Las Vacas or Villa Acuña, city, northern Coahuila estado (state), northeastern Mexico. The...
  • My advice when it comes to Mexico is to avoided the border región at...
  • Tornado in Mexico: 13 dead after twister strikes Acuña - CNN
  • Ciudad Acuña - Wikipedia

I have crossed with no ID whatsoever , and they looked me up on a computer and let me pass in less than 5 minutes. However, on hot days, people still enjoy taking a dip in the remaining bodies of water there; other common activities include hiking and picnicking. Thank You for Your Contribution! Maybe I can re plan and go there. Bob B 17, forum posts. We have lots of fun. Wouldn't the kid's father have a better idea of what the situation is like in Nuevo Laredo than Americans?

Known for its cameo in director Robert Rodriguez' sleeper hit "El Mariachi," the sleepy border town attracts people from Mexico and the United States to its natural beauty and quaint restaurants, though in recent years, fear of the drug cartels has slowed the city's flow of visitors.

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I've gone to many a dive bar, even, no problems. Which ever you prefer. Bob B 17, forum posts. The State Department has a travel warning for the whole state of Coahuila. Abrupt elevation changes, subtle, invisible elevation changes, open vaults, it's amazing.

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