Girl dancing in shower - Cute Girl Dancing in Shower

The music video is the most important artistic form in music today. Music videos matter more than ever, and our artists are rising to...

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There is an annoying cursor in the video.

Co-directed by lead singer Damien Kulash, the video is one long tracking take filmed on a handheld camera that follows the band through a dizzying array of 28 trompe-l'oeil and other illusions. It's a giant, fun nostalgic dance party. But the strength of the song and video both only prove that twigs is much, much more than that girl from the video. Not only that, she broke a rib on the day of the shoot. The music video is the most important artistic form in music today.

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  1. I've watched your videos for a few years and always found you so cute, inspirational and very informative. You go girl!

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Who does panorama printing online. The Houston workings said Friday in its weekly give an account of 1,019 rigs would rather tired exploring...


Girl dancing in shower

Posted on by Hugh Lee

It´s like a shower challenge but it´s fun! Two of them are where short jeans with black tights and one girls wearing jeans They are dancing. Sophia had great fun...