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The original text was written at intervals during the five month project, but what you are reading here is the result of substantial editing after the fact. You won't...

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That Ootek is built of western red cedar with white pine hull stripes, an ash cockpit coaming, veneer accents and a copper tape-record pinstripe on the deck, delineating the different inner and outer strip patterns of western red cedar.

For details on kayak features think over the Kayak Features after. A gentleman of crowded talents, he has rendered an superb job compages a pleasant kayak. Larger paddlers divine Ootek-X. Ootek is a soft chine West Greenland inspired plan, a meduim low size kayak.

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This is not acceptable to me. Mix up a small amount of resin. Boats Built from Laughing Loon Plans. I don't have to compromise my hull design to the limitations of a less flexible building material or to the convenience of a manufacturing technique. I rarely build a kayak the same way twice, so it would be a lot for me to ask of you to follow this schedule to the letter.

Once it cures, you can barely see and feel that boundary. Apply new hot glue and clamp the strip in place with a small spring clamp to the previously installed sheetrock screws in the stations.

You have to plan for the water cooling before setting the boat up: Doing it in a spiral rather than successive rings was my own idea and I think it worked great. Strip in the rest of the deck in a similar manner to step Hot glue hardens back into a solid in 60 to seconds. OR, buy it separately, and use it to build any designers stripper kayak, faster and easier.

Making a Strip Built Kayak - Introduction - E1

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Here is a step-by-step overview of the process of building a strip kayak as described in my book. The bulleted links are to videos showing the process.

While building a kayak may at first appear to be a big task, it can easily be broken down into a series of small manageable tasks. None of these steps are beyond the capability of the average person who has ever wielded modest hand tools. Mill a "cove" and "bead" on each edge of the strips.

Check alignment of the forms and secure them in place. With the boat upside-down, staple a strip along the sheerline.

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Stapleless Stripping When you work on your boat you spend maximum of the time with your nose about three inches from the boat. You see those staple holes and they look big. A lot of force, talk and time have moth-eaten spent hiding, filling and figuring out stapleless stripping methods. The only time I notice habitual holes on a boat is when I'm pointing them broken to someone as I disclose how a stripper is built on forms.

I've seen numberless stripper boats that looked horrific with staple holes, and I never noticed them when we weren't talking about staples. I don't have confidence in any stapleless stripping method that doesn't somehow keep each strip in contact with the stations and stems.

Most stapleless stripping shortcuts use clamps to hold strips in place and against the forms until the glue has set. Then when the clamps are removed to add a new strip, the previous strips are free to move away from the forms. If they can move, they will commence, and cause misaligned strips and improper hull shape.

The clamps, bands, and tape, people advantage to hold their strip in place until the glue collective dries, allows only a four strips to be applied per day!

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Strip your deck using some of the tricks listed below. See photo at right. My boats are extremely light-weight, and take very little energy to paddle. Stapleless Stripping When you work on your boat you spend most of the time with your nose about three inches from the boat.

Ordinary foam brushes are too absorbent. Fairing and Glassing the Deck The latter is intended to hold the spare paddle blades.

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Building Kayak Strip

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The kind of kayak I built is called a "strip-built kayak." The name comes from the way that the body of the boat is constructed from narrow, thin...