Prevent ingrown bikini hair - Treating and Preventing Ingrown Pubic Hair

Ingrown pubic hairs occur when the tip of the hair grows back underneath the skin, which can often cause pain and irritation. The problem...

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Treating Existing Ingrown...
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LAYTON BENTON CUM You get ingrown pubic hairs when your pubic hair grows back into the...
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Summertime is synonymous with swimsuit season, and you want your bikini line to look its best!

Bikini season is upon us, which means it's time to bare just about everything. While it's entirely possible to go too long without regular bikini area upkeep during the winter hey, it's okay! The more often you shave, like when you're heading out to the pool, the more likely you are to get ingrown hairs.

As unsightly as they are, it's easy to keep them under control. Her Campus talked to board-certified dermatologist Dr. Jeff Donovan to get the scoop. Hair becomes ingrown when it grows sideways and curls back into the skin. They aren't pretty—Google at your own risk!

The site of the ingrown hairs can also become painful.

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  • You get ingrown pubic hairs when your pubic hair grows back into the skin instead of...
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  • Ingrown hairs can be frustrating no matter what, but when they set up shop . Not removing your pubic...
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When an ingrown hair develops, you may notice small, round bumps called papules , or small, pus-filled bumps called pustules. Simply apply a very fine layer to the skin. Use a sharp, single-blade razor to shave. What do I do? Razor burn can cause a painful, irritating red rash or small red bumps on your skin's surface.

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Use a razor that is sharp enough to cut the hair without having to go over it again and again. How can you prevent ingrown pubic hairs? What should I do if I have an infected ingrown hair with pus? When it comes to your bikini line, shaving in the direction the hair grows is an easy way to avoid irritation and bumps. Use a loofah or a wash cloth.

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