Why does period blood smell so bad - Why does my period blood smell and how can I avoid it?

Believe it or not, menstrual blood has no odor. Neither does sweat for that matter. First, menstrual blood is made of both blood and tissue...

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Once the bacteria is balanced out after treatment, you should no longer notice any unusual smells or other symptoms during your period. Other common causes of abnormal odour — especially if there is discharge — may be a Trichomonas infection or an STI like Gonorrhoea or Chlamydia. Here are nine possible causes for yellow discharge before your period, plus signs that you should see a doctor.

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  • But if you notice an unusual smell during your period, it could be a sign of an...
  • When covert customers conduct spam on your venereal media pages, they are...

  • How to Remove Bad Smell On Your Period | Pink Parcel
  • Experiencing smelly menses? These could be the reasons : Evewoman -...

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