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If you visit the F. The English versions of The 8 Core Documents in order of priority for translation and beginning the program of...

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Prices may differ with regard to the literature available from the San Francisco-East Bay order form. S Literature to order any of the other pamphlets online. There are also four free pamphlets that may be copied, printed or downloaded directly from the F. Maintains Website, publishes F. Organizations established in Twelve-step programs Non-profit organizations based in Texas Human sexuality organizations Sexual addiction LGBT family and peer support groups.

We think you have liked this demonstration. If you wish to download it, please advocate it to your comrades in any social order. Share buttons are a little flash lower. Published by Bryce Fisher Modified 5 months ago. Publishes literature approved by Seminar Fulfills orders for circulars, chips and etc. Maintains Website, publishes F. October 1st — September 30th.

Profit and Loss — Statement of Activities a report of income and expenses recompense a inclined period Accrual Basis. Based on latest financial facts through the third place of pecuniary year October 1st — June 30th. Updated financials generally provided monthly in F. of overthrow still ongoing; a solicit for end and closing transfer of assets filed in Massachusetts.

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Though he had been a member of AA for many years, he repeatedly acted out and was serially unfaithful to his wife.

He founded SLAA as an attempt to stop his compulsive sexual and romantic behavior. Many of those practicing the SLAA recovery program develop the ability to engage in a healthy committed relationship. The English versions of The 8 Core Documents in order of priority for translation and beginning the program of recovery are available by clicking on your mouse button on the following links:. We think you have liked this presentation. Views Read Edit View history.

Method of reporting financial activity of a business Financial transactions recorded in an orderly fashion. Organizations established in Twelve-step programs Non-profit organizations based in Texas Human sexuality organizations Sexual addiction LGBT family and peer support groups.

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  • THE RISE of a reformist, pro-democracy government in Argentina three years...
  • How do S.L.A.A. Meetings Work? (opens in a new tab). Click...
  • Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (SLAA) is a twelve-step program for people recovering from sex addiction and love...
  • FWS Newsletter and Journal. Newsletter. Below you will find links to the...
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