Asian pineapple cut - How to Cut a Pineapple with Little Waste

How to cut a pineapple in an efficient manner? Carving out a spiral-cut pineapple basically entails cutting out the eyes hard dark...

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I buy whole pineapple at Costco or a grocery store. Ditto for the paring knife and big boy above, which is lighter than my Japanese knife on the right, but its heft works perfectly for cutting through pineapple! I cut the pineapple before I eat it or use it in cooking. How to cut a pineapple in an efficient manner? With the pineapple on its side, identify a spiral pattern in the eyes.

Cutting a pineapple...
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Once peeled, if I find the pineapple is not sweet enough, i cut it into pieces and arrange them onto a baking sheet, and freeze the individual pieces that way. This is also how we do it in the Philippines. I find the freezing sweetens it considerably. Called Imperion, the Anolon knife on the left is a recent discovery.

There it is — a beautiful spiral-cut pineapple with most of its wonderful flesh intact. You can now cut the pineapple however you like.


How to Cut a Pineapple Asian Style

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. But I guess not everyone likes it as much as we do. Least wasteful, and also the fastest way to prepare a pineapple. I found the instructions in volume on Southeast Asia, in the chapter on Thailand and Vietnam!

I spent a year living in Bolivia, where fresh pineapple is a popular street food.

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Asian pineapple cut

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Carving out a spiral-cut pineapple basically entails cutting out the eyes a number of people identified it with their Asian roots or a tropical part. Learn how to cut a pineapple and enjoy the fruit,...