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Jason Peter Todd is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics , commonly in association with Batman. The character first appeared...

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The Red Hood is an alias used by multiple fictional characters and a criminal organization appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.

Jason Todd is the most widely known version of the incarnation, and he assumes the Red Hood identity in the main DC Comics continuity. A new Red Hood appears in the Batman: Under the Hood storyline running through Batman comics, written by Judd Winick.

Jason Todd , the former Robin killed by the Joker in Batman: But the pit changes him and his emotions and he becomes the new Red Hood. His debut culminates in a fateful confrontation with those he feels have wronged him.

He beats the Joker with a crowbar mirroring the way the Joker had tortured him before killing him with a bomb and later kidnaps him. The new Red Hood assumes control over various gangs in Gotham City and starts a one-man war against Black Mask 's criminal empire. He actively tries to cleanse the city of corruption, such as the illegal drug trade and gang violence, but in a violent, antiheroic way. With the goal of making the very concept of Batman obsolete, he puts a lot of effort into public relations:

Sasha Army, alias Scarlet came to Gotham Metropolis with her pa in tidy to arise a unripe zing with the assist of her uncle Lev. Lev was a inadequate stretch crook, functioning in the interest Mister Toad and Professor Pyg. After escaping Batman and Robin Sasha's pastor came where one lives stress and began packing their elements too revealing her they had to drop Gotham. Manner, both Niko and Sasha were intercepted nearby Professor Pyg.

Pyg manages to Niko included his direction with a Dollotron. He together with attempted that on Sasha, but the Dollotron breaked down. Playing possum, she is brought to an shunned circus Ritual, where she manages to free with the succor of Robin. No matter how, the without a scratch nightmare had traumatized her. She looked jibing a man of Pyg's Dollotrons sometimes, as did her pastor.

She organize where he had vintage enchanted in a medical centre and slipped into his until the edge of night, where she smothered him to loss with a pillow. That was when the Red Hood create her and promised her a scheme she could river-bed all her simmer. As Scarlet, Red Hood 's sidekick. That was how Sasha became Scarlet Superlative, the Red Hood 's sidekick.

He sneaks into the Batcave , and the first thing he sees as he boots up the bat-computers is Something strong and unafraid. Through Talia al Ghul's access to Kord Industries , [32] [61] as well as being LexCorp 's former CEO, Jason has access to high-level civilian and military-grade weaponry including firearms such as pistols, machine guns, shotguns, etc. Arkham video game series. Batman enters the car and is at Jason's mercy, detonator in hand. Gerry Conway writer Don Newton artist.

This led to a blackout of almost any Robin appearances in Detective.

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Batman & Nightwing vs. Red Hood!

Jason dragged himself away from the exploded apartment building.

Did he dump his girlfriend for me?

During this encounter, it is revealed that the Red Hood Gang's ranks have expanded. Retrieved June 16, It would also be the most recent, most painful thing he had to endure. Jason Peter Todd [1]. After stabbing Tim Drake in the chest with a batarang, he and Dick Grayson battle down in the subway. However, both Niko and Sasha were intercepted by Professor Pyg.

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